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Online marketplace for small-scale food producers to find partners and technologies
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Co-operation, collaboration and innovation are the means by which small food businesses are gaining ground in competitive markets. When a business is small it can be very difficult to find the resources for research or to take a high potential idea to the market. Several online marketplaces can help and facilitate collaboration. For example, Food TIP portalEnterprise Europe Network marketplace and one that is specifically designed for small scale food producers: TRADEIT marketplace.



The TRADEIT Marketplace was initiated within the EU funded TRADEIT project. Many of the products and ideas profiled on the marketplace are market ready and the transaction is simple, engage with the provider and do a deal. Those looking for something more developmental, or with an idea to bring to market can source the expertise needed to progress from idea to reality.  It works both ways. You can add your own profile and others can find you. 

Registration is simple: add some basic company details plus a profile of your business or technology needs and opportunities. Matching is carried out through keywords, while details are only shared when both collaborators agree to it. Currently the Marketplace has >1350 registered used and >650 opportunities for SME food producers and technology providers across Europe.

Marketplace means that you can narrow down the range of people you need to talk to very quickly

Time matters

Small food producers are among the most innovative and entrepreneurial businesses in Europe. They have created amazing products and compete in very tough markets to survive. But finding the time to connect with innovation or make partnerships can be very difficult when you have limited time. Small business owners are frequently busy meeting the day-to-day demands of running a business. So, TRADEIT set out to make it easier; to take the time and guesswork out of sourcing and selecting new partners.


Using the TRADEIT Marketplace means that you can narrow down the range of people you need to talk to very quickly, using a simple keyword search. Visit the marketplace at


TRADEIT an EU funded initiative

TRADEIT stands for: Traditional Foods, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer.

For whom: Food producing enterprises across Europe, especially food producers in the dairy, meat and bakery sectors. 

Objective: Facilitating innovation, growth, competitiveness and a sustainable future for traditional food enterprises.

Reason: Innovation and knowledge sharing is key to achieving the growth and competitiveness. However, only few traditional, craft and artisan food producers have the capacity for research.

How: Establishing a network, organization of events and the development of the magazine ‘Taste of Science’. All are directed to share knowledge and insights on how to support production of authentic products that meet 21st century standards. Regional Hubs offer trainings, workshops and technology related events tailored to the needs and request of the enterprises at a regional level.

Areas of interest: Traceability, food safety, nutritional content, sensory value, supply chain management and sustainability. 

When: From 2014 to 2016.

Funded by: European Union.

Partners: Nineteen partners across Europe. Nine partners are ‘hubs’ to facilitate enterprise support on a regional basis: Ireland, UK, Spain (2x), Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland and Finland.

Coordination: Helena McMahon, Institute of Technology Tralee, Ireland.

Contact: or get in touch via the form below.


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