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The Food Tech Innovation Portal (Food TIP) provides a central address with bundled information for people interested in new technologies, opportunities, ‘open innovation’ and networking in the field of food processing. It can enhance the competitiveness, especially that of small and medium-sized companies without R&D departments. Developed within the EU-funded Network of Excellence HighTech Europe, the portal was launched in 2013 and is continuously expanding. The portal contains several relevant sections for SMEs.


In the ‘Technologies’ section, an array of relevant technologies is showcased: from those already on the market to the latest research on novel technologies. Technology datasheets explain where and how to apply technologies within food producing firms. In addition, the sheets provide information about limitations, advantages, companies with expertise and related infrastructures and additional sources of information. 

Profiles and facilities

After registration on the portal, companies and R&D centres have access to all information and can interact via the portal with other members. For example, in the ‘Profiles’ section, information about research institutes, companies and associations are given, completed with personal contact information and expertise. The ‘Facilities’ section provides information about openly accessible infrastructure, such as machineries, laboratories, services and so on.

Innovation Guide

The ‘Innovation Guide’ offers information and support for the whole innovation process, from pre-feasibility to market launch. Technical, legal, financial, management, and marketing aspects at European level are explained. The guide helps identify suitable R&D activities, innovation activities and support tools, with the overall aim to optimize innovation activities as a whole. Last but not least, you can find an updated list of upcoming events in the field of food technology in the ‘Events’ section.

Select your own language at the bottom of each page.

How to use the portal?

The “Google Translator” at the bottom of each page is there to help you understand the content. This translator does not always give you a good translation, but can still be useful. If you click on a specific technology or tool in the alphabetic list in the ‘Technologies’ section, you are taken to the technology data sheet. As a next step, you could click on the tab ‘Related Facilities’ and click one of these facilities to receive additional information on how they use this tool or technology. Here, you will also find the contact details of this facility, in case you would like to get in touch. And there is much more to discover!


The Food TIP portal is accessible to everyone. Certain functions are available only after free registration to the Associated Membership Platform ( Associated members can enter their own contact data, technologies, and infrastructure. They can use the portal as a networking platform and generate new business contacts. You are welcome to visit and sign up for free to get full access.

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